Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spelling Is Anti-American

Just add it to the ever-growing list. Today I went to see Obama out in not real Virginia (not to be confused with Communist Country, where I live).

On our way in there were a few protestors, including one guy on a sweet red, white and blue motorcycle and a big sign that read "American's for McCain." So I said, "You've misspelled that. There's no apostrophe in Americans" like the good little editor that I am. He shot back something about his last name and then said he never learned to spell.

Now, he might have been joking, but he really didn't sound like it. He sounded like some smug Republican--I'm sorry a smug Real American- accusing me of elitism. And obviously spelling and grammar are things that only elitists care about.

And of course, about 15 minutes later, I realized what I should have said to him:
"That's nothing to be proud of. No wonder they keep sending your jobs overseas."

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