Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BlogHer Shout Outs

I learned a lot about giving "link love" at BlogHerDC yesterday, so in that spirit, I would like to link to everyone who gave me their business card yesterday. (I really thought I'd be able to remember everyone else's blogs without writing them down, but I was sorely mistaken.)

So what's up to
Kate, who has the best blog name I've seen, at Winning Friends With Salad
Monica from Urban Charm Chat
Olive, who also has an awesome blog name, at Surely You Nest
and Linda at Monkey Business Kids and Baby Bunching

I'm unfortunately not able to link to Kellie from AllThingsNanny.com, because I can't find her page. But I hope she keeps fighting the good fight to help nannies get some agency out there. (haha, nanny agency)

I'm also not linking to this woman who had a real stick up her ass about the fact that I was standing next to three of my colleagues during our ice breaker game. She told me, with attitude, that we really should move around because some people were there to network, and we were really inconveniencing her. Well guess what, lady, I didn't come to the conference to meet a-holes, so I guess both of us were inconvenienced. I'm not sure why someone who writes a blog targeted at organizations was so bent out of shape about meeting four people from an organization, but hey. In fairness, she couldn't move herself because both of her feet were chained to the floor, so maybe I'm being unfair.

Anyway, someday, maybe after the marathon and NaNoWriMo (more on that later) I'll be able to vamp up my blog. But don't worry, I'm writing down my ideas.

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Linda said...

hey, thanks for the link love. I love it!!! it was good to meet you too.