Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Under a Luna Moon

Kate nails Lunafest with her review. But she fails to point out (though I guess it should be obvious from the context) that everyone there was a yuppy mom. Who else would do something called stroller strides? And for the record, I will be an awesome yuppy mom. I'm already obsessed with sports AND reading. Two things that all hyper perfect children have to participate in. I also enjoy the occasional beauty pageant...*

*No I don't.

Luna Moons


Katie said...

Oh, they make luna moons for us ladies? And here I've been eating those manly square Clif Shot Blocks. Do the Luna Moons have extra estrogen? I can't get enough! (Until I develop breast cancer!)

You're already a yuppy mom. To me!

Lizard said...

They do, but they will break your teeth. Bad consistency.