Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Entered an Essay Contest

For a blog called Lizard Writes, you were probably wondering where all the writing is. Other than on this page, of course. And the answer, for a long time, has been there isn't any! Until now.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Bethesda Literary Festival website. Usually I find things like this the Monday after they happen, but this time, I had more than a month before the festival! (I did, however, miss the Bethesda Dance Festival that was held that weekend. Can't win 'em all.)

Anyway, the contest was to write 500 words on one thing in your life you'd change if you had the chance to do it again. I wrote about my illustrious career as a rugby referee. Obviously, it's not the most deep essay topic, but it really is an experience that I have a lot of regrets about. And I don't think I would go back and like, tell my grandmother I loved her one last time, because it would be too sad to relive that again unless I could Quantum Leap in and out, and that wasn't specified in the rules. Plus, I tried to make the essay kind of funny, and humor is my strong suit. Obviously.

So if you would like to read the essay, leave a comment and I'll post it. Katie's already read it, so if you don't tell me you want it, I'll figure you weren't going to read it anyway. Also I need to prove I have friends and things like that.

Come on, people, don't make me write an essay about how I regret telling you I wrote an essay!


youngrunner said...

I want to read the essay

Jacqui said...

I'll read your essay, Liz!

Also, I was sincere in wanting to get together...just don't know where the week is going and still trying to get my act together...