Saturday, August 30, 2008

$105 and All I Got Was this Lousy Air Freshener

I'm in Virginia Beach to run the Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon tomorrow morning. I'm not kidding, it really cost $105 to enter this stupid race, and t-shirt is COTTON. Cotton t-shirts are like CDs or tube TVs in the road racing world. And $105 is a premium race fee. Of course, I didn't actually pay that. I paid $36, but I can't tell you how or I'd have to kill you.

Anyway, it looks like sweet marathon weather tomorrow. At 4:30, when I wake up, it will be 72 degrees and 93% humidity. Brutal.

Normally I love running, especially distance. But right now the prospect of running 13.1 miles fast (I consider 8:15s to be fast!) is just not doing it for me.

I don't mean to be so negative. It might be fun! You can check out my results on the new and improved Pacers Racers site!

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Katie said...

Ummm good luck at the race? At least you can bust out the air freshener instead of showering to drive home. Just sayin' you should get back here because Gimmy and I are planning a labor day bike adventure. Not that I'm replacing the Bohinkas or anything...