Monday, July 28, 2008

My Other Blog

So many blog posts, so little life. (I'm really going to regret the fact that I spent all night blogging and not, say, out buying cereal, in the morning.)

I finally have an official policy regarding my other blog, AAUW Dialog. That's right, I'm a some-time blogger, full-time editor for the organization (stalkers welcome).

I'd like to be able to link and cross post some of my work there here, because I'm doing all that work, and I may as well get max benefit. Plus that way I can blog on the clock! But this is my personal blog, and as such, my views are not representative of the organization as a whole, and in no way should they be construed as the opinions of AAUW. For example, I still wish we'd called it the BLAAUWG instead of Dialog...

I'm also going to try to cross post relevant stuff to the new Feministing Community, because I love them over there.

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