Monday, July 28, 2008

Clothing Optional Fridays

I ride my bike to work, as I kind of previously mentioned. I don't want to sweat through my work clothes, so I wear bike shorts and a t-shirt. Every morning I pack up my work clothes for the day and change at the office. Summer is great, because I can usually just jam a lightweight, space-efficient dress into my bag and ride away. Curse you, winter and your bulky layers!

But sometimes, like today, I forget things. It's really only a matter of time until I completely forget a change of clothes. So far I've managed to avoid that, but I have forgotten, on separate occasions, underwear and a bra. I wore my sports bra on my bike, and when I got to work I just kept it on, even though the light blue material hardly matched the v-neck dress I was wearing. Oh well. I've actually forgotten underwear a few times now, so I finally gave up and started wearing a pair under my bike shorts. Better safe than sorry when it comes to undies, I always say.

Today I just forgot the belt that goes with a dress. It's look-changing, but hardly life-changing. I'll let you know how it goes the day I forget my pants.

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