Monday, April 6, 2009

Swimming = Hard

Holy fucking shit. Swimming is not easy. I went today for the first time in years to start my triathlon training (I do the other sports almost every day). I tried to join a master's swim club today, and I got back a snooty email from their membership guy telling not to come out (and wanting to know if I could do a flip turn despite the fact that his website explicitly states that you do not have to know how to do a flip turn). At first I was indignant and pissed off, but now I have to admit that Marco was right.

I swam 100 meters in like 4 and a half minutes, and then I almost died. I wasn't wearing a heart rate monitor, but I would estimate that my heart was beating at roughly 300 beats per minute. I swam a grand total of about 300 meters.


Jacqui said...

Are you supposed to swing that much while your bum hip is still healing?

gimmy said...

you can do it!! just add a little distance every time. on the bright side: 400 meters is half the distance you will swim on race day. you're half way there!

Lizard said...

Swimming is the only thing I can do! Don't take it away from me!!!!