Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Look at Me, Gettin' Recognized

So, it turns out the blog I think no one could possibly care about ends up generating not one but TWO comments from people I don't know. (So cheers to Amanda and Tony and their delightful blogs.)

Anyway, that reminded me that I wanted to post about the fact that at the beginning of November I had not one but two surprise readers tell me they liked my blog. It's probably the most terrifying thing someone can say to me. Wait, no, the most terrifying thing someone can say to me is (if that person is an acquaintaince, I mean) "So I read your blog."

Now I know that if said person didn't like my blog, she probably wouldn't say anything, would just keep it to herself as her respect for me slowly wilted and died. Eventually she'd start avoiding eye contact and all our interactions would be awkward--like many of my interactions really, so maybe I wouldn't even notice.

But there's still those few seconds of pure terror and nervous laughter while I wait for that person to pass judgment on my writing and my sense of humor. And even if she says something good, it's still kind of scary.

Because, as Amanda and Tony and the many other creative types out there can tell you, making yourself vulnerable is scary as all get-out. Here's my work, judge me. While I like the idea of a lucrative blogging career, I don't have the energy/balls to pursue it. I already get paid to be a writer, and I agonize over that too.

In the words of Wes, who coincidentally just brought home his mastered CD and is now ripping it apart, "It's really fucking hard, Sweetie Pie." (It sounds amazing, btw, except for this weird thing on every "s" sound on the entire CD.)

That being said, if you do like my blog, you can tell me. I'll get over the embarrassment pretty quick in order to bask in your praise.

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Amanda said...

Okay, I'll say it - I like your blog :-) Thanks for the compliments on mine too! It's funny how such small things are so important to us writers but it really is, hey. I get it. Keep up the good stuff.